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Would you like to know more about your local wildlife?

We are a friendly and sociable group

When you sit in your garden, go for a walk in your local park or on a trip to the countryside, are you aware of what is happening in nature round about you? Can you identify the birds, plants, trees or animals that you see and do you know how they interact with each other and vary with the time of day and season of the year? Would you like to learn more?

The aims of the Society are


  • To encourage people to look at and protect their local wildlife in the Clyde Valley area.
  • To help them record their sightings.
  • To send sightings into where they can be used by scientists for the benefit of all.
  • To work with other organisations having similar aims.



Hamilton Natural History Society

Hamilton Society

Joining the society is an excellent way to do this and we cater for novices and experts alike in a friendly and sociable group – people have been doing this in Hamilton since 1891! Based in Hamilton, we cover the Clyde Valley area including Motherwell, East Kilbride and Lanark. We also support wider interests in geology, archaeology, history and photography. 

In addition to the summer outings and winter talks programmes enjoyed by members, there are occasional practical tasks such as tree planting, wildflower seed sowing and wildlife surveying. Here on our website you can find details of forthcoming events, publications and information for new members. If you are trying to identify something, then contact us or use the resources checklist. If you have an interest in any aspect of natural history, come and join us.

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